Oh, Pardon Me... (An online costume, 2021)

...My screen must have been... frozen.
A Responsible Adult (2020)
Definitely not three kids in a trench coat.  I'd like three tickets to the R-rated movie, please.  I mean, one.  One ticket.  I'm definitely an entire person.
Elefino (2018)
What do you get when  you cross an elephant and a rhino?
A Jolly Holiday (2017)
Ernie and Bert decided to dress up together this year.
Chapter 11:  Amalek Awakens (2016)
For Purim 5776 I gave myself a writing assignment, a further writing assignment, and a package of metallic Crayolas.  Behold the next chapter of the Book of Esther (complete with study guide).
The Wall (2015)
An interactive, community-effort costume.
It's Peanut Butter Jelly Time (2019)
With a baseball bat.
Who, Me? (2013)
No canaries to see here.
Tachana Merkazit (2012)
A pun that amuses exactly one person.
Lost Ark (2011)
Inspired by a certain church basement (fire axe included).
Fancy Mixed Nuts (2010)
Would you like some?