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Podcast Production Experience

The Imagine Neighborhood (podcast)
Story Editor and Writer/Producer (2019-present)

Writer, story editor, and producer for The Imagine Neighborhood,
a social-emotional learning podcast created by Committee for Children
and aligned with the Second Step SEL curriculum. 

Consulting Producer:  Freelance  

​2019 - present

Consultant and host on additional podcast projects.

  • Mabel Gabel (Big Bad Boo, 2021)
    Consulted on application, and produced and edited trailer for PBS Kids show pitch.

  • Muppeturgy (2021-present)
    Co-host of a weekly theatrically-minded review of The Muppet Show.

  • Hadar Parasha Podcast  (2021-present) 
    Consulting producer for weekly children's podcast.


Writing, proofreading, and editing

Comedic dialogue for ensemble casts

Game and interaction design

Hebrew (fluent)

Podcast production

Audio, video, and photo editing 

Producer and Editor:  Freelance  

​2016 - present

Producer and editor of independent podcasts.

  • Grow Kinder (2019-2020)
    Produced and edited episodes for social-emotional learning interview podcast.

  • What Now?  (2019)
    Produced and edited a podcast (11 episodes) about rotten luck.

  • The Kiddie Pool  (2016-2017) 
    Produced and edited an industry podcast for children's media makers.

Transom Traveling Workshop:  Participant


Created a nine-minute audio piece for the Transom Workshop in Big Sky, Montana.

2010 - present
2010 - present

Editorial Producer / Editor / Co-Founder:  Jewish Public Media

2013 - 2017


Collaborated on founding a podcast network, for which I designed, edited, and produced.

  • Joy of Text  (2016-2017)
    Produced and edited one season of a sex-positive podcast.

  • Radio Free Babylonia  (2014-2016) 
    Produced, edited, and co-wrote a radical Talmud podcast.

  • SermonSlam  (2014) 
    Produced a live competition event, recorded for the podcast network.

Producer and Editor:  HITN ELC for Highlights Magazine

2015 - 2016

Produced and edited audio narration for educational videos and games in English and Spanish.

Audio Producer Certifications

2014 - 2018

  • Transom Traveling Workshop  (2018)
    Week-long audio production course in Big Sky, Montana.


  • Radio Boot Camp  (2014, 2018) 
    Intensive course in audio production and sound design.


  • BRIC Media:  Certified Producer  (2014) 
    Audio/Video Certification for public access production.

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